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About Achilles Rage
Achilles Rage is a Casual progression minded guild recruiting raiders for Normal and Heroic SoO Progression. We’re looking for exceptional players who are interested in raiding IMMEDIATELY.
Our current goal is to establish a solid Mythical Raiding Team for WOD.

 All levels and classes are being accepted at this time HOWEVER, to be considered for a CORE POSITION, PLAYERS MUST BE:

MINIMUM 540 ILV AND HAVE ALL NECESSARY GEMS/ENCHANTS. All players must be on time and have at minimum 90% attendance weekly. Please be ready to discuss your raid progression and answer any questions related to past/future progression.

CURRENT RAID Progression(SoO)
Flex -14/14
all exceptional players should apply, but we have IMMEDIATE openings for the following:

                                              ♠560ILV+ with Heroic Experience preffered♠
Fury Warrior


All Members must have a general idea of the fights in Normal Mode.
  • RED TEAM- Epøs/Stormraged
Friday/Saturday- 8:00pm - 11:00pm
  • BLUE TEAM- Madhatter

Monday- 8-11:00 10/25N Clean up (anyone can lead-not required)

Raid times are subject to change depending on general availability. Please keep in mind if you do not show up or "Forget" you will be removed from the team. All raiders must sign up at least 48hours prior to raid or you forfeit your spot in the raid.

The highest level of performance is expected from raiders. All raiders should be well versed in all specs of their class.

The general attitude of raider we want is Progression > Loot. The good of the guild overall, not the good of the one player.

If you sign up, show up

A functional mic is required
All raiders are expected to come to raids with the absolute best food, flasks, gems, and enchants for their class. No exceptions since all this can be obtained from the bank on a give and take process. No member will be guaranteed a permanent raid position until they have met the two week trial requirement and have a 90% attendance.

Causing unnecessary drama will result in immediate removal from the Raid group, or guild.
Successful raiding requires the ability to follow instructions and learn from your mistakes. Please be mentally prepared for the raid content.
You can whisper Epøs (ALT+0248) OR Stromraged for more in for Information in game.
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